When we were first started Howell Academics, there were so many decisions to make to best serve our families. What online tools are the best for communication? What parenting books should we be reading? 
We spent alot of time researching and testing the tools –– so we could use them, too with ease. We hope our journey makes your life easier! 

Quick note, we’re affiliates for some of the resources on this page, which means we get a small commission whenever a purchase is made using one of the links or codes here, or anywhere else on our site. It doesn’t cost you extra. In fact, in many cases, it costs you less, because we’ve been able to offer a special incentive or discount on your behalf that will actually save you money –– so it’s a win-win! Plus, you can rest assured knowing that we only endorse products and services that we use and work for us. 

We hope having all these carefully curated tools in one place is a blessing to you. 

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