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Parenting is complex, one thing is certain every parent wants the best for their child. Many of these charities we focus on support families in need, which is something I’ve grown to appreciate more since becoming a mother myself. 

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Giving back to our communities and helping those in need is one of the pillars of We are so passionate about working with charities, and have made it a priority to support organizations wherever we can. The list of charities below all have a special place in my heart. 

If you are a brand that is interested in partnering with HA to support a charitable cause, we would be THRILLED! If you are just someone looking to spread a little love to someone in need, please contact us.

every child deserves opportunity


To celebrate each child's birthday, HA gifts one cuddle & kind doll and in tern feeds 10 children.   

Every child deserves opportunity. 
For over 5 years HA has sponsored a community in Rwanda, building a primary school and providing teacher professional development best practice workshops and training.  



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