Headquartered in Vancouver BC, Canada, Howell Academics’ boutique Private School Consultants are leaders in providing both virtual and in-house services, programs and guidance. 

We are specialists, working with families to ensure their children are best positioned for admissions into top-tier private schools within Canada, China, the United States, and Dubai.

Our responsibility extends to ensuring that integrity is at our forefront of each decision, experience, and communication with our families.


We provide you with tools, resources, and clarity to position your values, articulate your goals and navigate through your child’s education journey.


Parenting today is complex.
We are committed to providing you the courage to be your child’s advocate, to determine the best fit academic and social environments.


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Paula Howell is the Education & Enrichment Director of Howell Academics. She is an Early Childhood Specialist, and BC certified Kindergarten to grade 12 Educator. Paula has over 18 years experience in the field of early learning development, curriculum development and intake assessment across Canada, and Australia and the United States. 

In addition to her Bachelor of Education diploma,  an honours diploma in Early Childhood Education, a certificate from Cornell University in Advanced HR Management, is a certified Neurolinguistic Practitioner, holds her TESOL certification and is an IB certified educator.

She brings a sincere passion and integrity towards developing authentic relationships with families to assist you in achieving your academic goals for your children and a commitment to foster confidence and a passion for life long learning in your children.

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"Being a mom is my most cherished gift, and I am honoured to partner with each of my families through this journey."

" before becoming a mother to our delightful daughter we were and still are parents to our pom poo Benny Bear."

"I have lived in Ontario Canada, Cairns Australia, and British Columbia.  I have travelled to Costa Rica, New Zealand, Fiji, Bora Bora, St. Lucia, Turkey and still as beautiful and blessed that I am to have the stamps my most cherished destination is home where with my family, this is my heart full "

"I believe that we are all children at heart, we just from time to time need reminders to love, laugh, and be curious.  This is the wonderment the essence of life"

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Michelle is passionate about education. She has rich insights about the priorities and potential challenges with regard to education in Canada, which will facilitate effective customer service to all clients at Howell Academics. Along with passion and commitment, she endeavours to provide professional assistance for parents, and to inspire and support students of all age groups.

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Michelle Chang

Our teacher specialists have been working at the areas of Math & Science/English & Literacy for many years. In that time they have gained exceptional experience in helping students with many different learning styles and abilities – from those who are struggling to those who are ready to be challenged. Their dedication and expertise has helped hundreds of students gain confidence and success in Math, Science and English and SSAT Preparation.

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